https://www.hapi.com/product/hapifork  – 
HAPIfork: Eat slowly, lose weight, feel great!
The HAPIfork, powered by ‘slow control,’ is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits.
The fork measures how long it take you to eat your meal, the amount of ‘fork servings’ taken per minute, and intervals between fork servings. 

https://www.spire.io/uk – 
Spire helps you discover when you’re stressed, where it happens, and what you’re doing.
People are using Spire to reconnect with their body, be productive, and sleep better at night.  

Cue is a deep health tracker.
Easily access deeper information from your body by loading a cartridge, taking a sample and getting results sent to your phone.

Enjoy the hands-on immediacy of putting pen to paper, teamed with all the advantages of digital creativity.
Ncoded technology allows the Pen+ to recognize where it is in the Paper Tablet and capture each pen stroke as you capture your thoughts. The app then smoothly transfers your freehand notes from page to screen in real time, giving you the possibility to digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your ideas to life.

Gain insights – Loose weight.
High-accuracy weight and full body composition is just the beginning. Get to know a scale that coaches, rewards, and records all data automatically. And with tools at hand such as trend screens and nutrition tracking, you can set goals — and achieve them.

What your DNA says about you.
View reports on 100 different health conditions or traits.
Find out about your inherited risk factors and how you might respond to certain medications.
Discover your lineage and find DNA relatives.


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