David McCandless Workshop



A workshop / lecture from the inventor of data journalism – David McCandless. David has come from a journalist background, with no previous experience within design. However, from his days of looking at magazines, and newspapers to anything graphical in fact, he has found a natural ability in spacing, typography and layout.

His approach to data viz is to find something that annoys, bores, or frustrates him. A question which he wants to answer, and expose in a graphical way. By using graphics as a medium for journalism, you can often find more out about a story, different bits of information can be put next to each other, so the viewer can understand something in relation to something else.

Data viz tells a story, displays a system, supports arguments, conveys a message, gives an overview, tests solutions, shows trends, and tracks development. All in a beautifully crafted diagram that is fit for purpose. screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-14-06-21



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